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Dedicated to our beautiful son Adam.  «
Site Details: http://homepage.eircom.net/~tinyadam
  Dedicated to our beautiful son Adam.
Read the moving account of the life of a young woman cut tragically short by suicide.  «
Site Details: http://virtual-memorials.com/servlet/viewmemorials?memid=7461&pageno=1
  Read the moving account of the life of a young woman cut tragically short by suicide.
Children's Memorial at the Edgartown Lighthouse «
Site Details: http://www.childrenslighthousememorial.org
  Families can celebrate and memorialize lives of children who died and place a cobblestone engraved with their child's name in the foundation of the lighthouse.
Portrait of a son's suicide after a hate crime.  «
Site Details: http://members.tripod.com/~claytoly/bills_story
  Portrait of a son's suicide after a hate crime.
Cremin, Deanna «
Site Details: http://www.deannacremin.org
  Dedicated to the Somerville High School student strangled three days after her 17th birthday in Massachusetts. The case is still unsolved and a reward is offered.
Frost, Lane «
Site Details: http://www.lanefrost.com
  Official site dedicated to the world champion bull rider whose story was told in the movie '8 Seconds. ' Includes momentos, tributes, and map marker.
Ieronimo, Camden James «
Site Details: http://www.camdenjames.com
  Memorial to my son that was born still at 40 weeks.
In Loving Memory of Teal Fausett «
Site Details: http://www.tealfausett.com
  Memorial page dedicated to our daughter who was killed by a drugged driver.
Kent, Hayes «
Site Details: http://www.hayeskent.com
  16 1/2 year old son who died in a car accident.
Mary Kay Ash «
Site Details: http://www.marykaytribute.com
  Highlights the life and wisdom of the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Includes tributes and a list of awards.
McClain, Nathan «
Site Details: http://www.natemcclain.com
  Showcases the artwork and celebrates the life of a talented young artist.
Moffitt, Andrew (1975-1998) «
Site Details: http://andymoffitt.org
  Andy was murdered on December 23rd, 1998, while trying to break up a fight at a restaurant frequented by University of Ottawa students.
National Children's Memorial Day «
Site Details: http://ncmd.tripod.com
  Proposed national day of remembrance for children and young adults who died before their time.
Remembering Our Dead «
Site Details: http://www.gender.org/remember
  Memorial for transgendered people who have died as a result of hatred and ignorance.
Taylor, Krissy «
Site Details: http://www.krissy.com
  Official memorial web site for Krissy Taylor who died in July of 1995.


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